Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For Stephanie.

She put the chair right in the middle of the leaf pile and just sat there sucking her thumb and holding her blankie while I did all the hard work. That's your niece.

For Stephanie

I put this one up because I know your Spanish kids *love* Native American stuff. This was taken at a Pow Wow last month.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We've had a great few weeks. Things are looking up in the Wroblewski household. I've been asking lots of people for advice, asking for prayer, and getting back into the grove of focused parenting. Danny is a RIOT. He's learning how to walk and sounding out words. Brian taught him this little yell and he does it ALL DAY. He has a really strong arm and LOVES to whip plates, cups, balls, Remmy's dishes, whatever he can get his hands on.

Aimee has entered into the "why" stage. She must have said the word "why" over 100 times today. I hope it doesn't get old. I hope she never stops asking why. Brian and I want to encourage her to examine everything, question everyone, and form her own opinions.
Dear Lord in heaven, please don't ever let the words, "because I said so" ever come out of my mouth. Please don't ever let my daughter surrender to a mentality that is satisfied with that answer. Give me the wisdom and discernment to guide her into becoming a woman who loves truth and never grows tired of discovering it.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Starting Fresh...

I'm re-starting today. Things have gotten a bit sticky over here in the Wroblewski camp. I'm discovering that no matter how hard I try, I can't insulate my kids (yes, both of them) from my stress. Aimee is head strong and forceful, so you can imagine how she is reacting. I can't offer her an ice cream cone without her having a temper tantrum, so you can imagine how she reacts when I ask her to clean up her toys. Danny is sensitive and perceptive. He can't help but start crying when I'm trying to dicipline Aimee. So from now on, I'm redirecting my nervous energy about school and everything else. I have re-ordered our day. I have armed myself with early morning prayer and meditation and some ideas that I had forgotten about parenting a toddler. Oh, and I stopped spanking. Your prayers and encouragement are appreciated.