Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Brian and I are going to Cancun for our anniversary. We leave THIS FRIDAY!

Aimee's hair is long and thick and beautiful and it needs a trimming, but I don't want to take her to the salon because I'm afraid they'll cut off more than I want them to, so I'm avoiding it.

Daniel is turning into a typical boy. He loves to growl and jump off of things. I love it.

Work is insane. In a good way. I am starting to love my job and I am stressed in a way that makes me productive and feel good at the end of the day.

I am loving the parents in Aimee's new preschool class. It probably deserves it's own blog entry. Let's just say that there is some serious community being built there and probably some lasting friendships.

It feels like things are looking up.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Last night was movie night. We watched the Barbie version of The Nutcracker. Danny spent the entire movie jumping off the couch, wrestling, and spinning himself dizzy.

He was just a tiny little loaf of bread when he was born. 6 lbs, 7 oz. He was the easiest baby I could ask for. When Aimee started pre-school, he wasn't a year old and as soon as he learned to walk, he became like the Mayor of the community center. He would proudly walk in every morning and say hello to every single person in the hallway. He would stop to inspect anything that was new or seemed out of place. Everyone knew him and random people would stop me to tell me how quickly he was growing.

Now my little loaf of bread is two years old. His vocabulary leaves me speechless. He practically has Goodnight Moon memorized and has a favorite bible story. The story of David and Goliath.
He prays when we pray "Dear Jesus, Amen!" or "I love you, Amen!", and can't go to sleep without a hug and kiss from his older sister.

He jumps up and down Friday mornings when I tell him we are going to Story Time. We are taking a gymnastics class once a week and he can easily do somersaults, walk on the balance beam, and he conquered his fear of the giant scary looking Air Track. He loves making friends and is currently obsessed with feet.

When I feel how solid his little arms and legs are, and how sure he is of his movements, I am taken aback. The other day, Stephanie traced his foot to make me a little card to take to work(She says she tried to trace his hands, but he demanded that she trace his foot), and my stomach just sinks when I see how big he is. In my mind, he feet still fit in the palm of my hand, but the reality is that he keeps growing. and growing. and growing.

That card reminds me that I need to be intentional about enjoying my children. Danny will never get lost in a baby blanket again. I love love LOVE that he's growing. He is as delightful as I could have hoped for, but I wish he would stay little just a little longer.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Four Year Old Girls

If I could bottle her up I would. Sometimes I regret putting my little girl in 3 days of pre-school. It honestly seems like too much, to me, not her. Danny misses her when she's in school and at the same time loves the one on one time.

One of the sad things about school and extra curricular classes is that it has given her the opportunity to have a private life that she doesn't have to share with me. After 5 weeks of ballet, she still refuses to show me any of her moves, or even tell me about it. We are only allowed to watch on the assigned parent days in order to keep the kids from getting distracted. I have talked to the teacher and asked her if Aimee enjoys the class. The teacher assures me that Aimee is attentive and seems to enjoy it.

Yesterday she told me to just relax and chill out (with the attitude of a 14 year old). Today she told me that I did NOT look pretty as I was leaving for work, in hopes that I would change my mind and stay with her instead. It almost broke my heart.

On Sunday we went out for ice cream. She pointed across the parking lot and asked me what that other building was. I told her it was Olive Garden, a restaurant, she asked me if I would take her there. I think I will this weekend.