Friday, June 22, 2007


Since I haven't really devoted a post to being pregnant yet, and it's already been almost 7 months completed, I guess I'll fill you in on the details...

This pregnancy has been far far easier than when I was pregnant with Aimee. Having Aimee to chase around all day and needing to keep her involved in interesting activities has really helped me to keep up my energy and motivation. Being a lot thinner at the start of the pregnancy has helped a lot. I am proud to say that at 6 1/2 months about 1/3 of my wardrobe is not maternity.

I havn't had horrible cravings, except that in the first trimester I didn't have any desire to eat and when I did it was expensive pizza or Popeyes Chicken. The second trimester has been all about carbs and fruit. Cereal, waffles, pancakes, cherries, strawberries. In my effort to combine the two, the other night I announced to Brian out of the blue that I wished we had a donut factory in our living room so that I could have jelly donuts whenever I wanted. As chunky as THAT sounds, I started this week out with 4 Krispy Kreme donuts lovingly packaged in wax paper and a gallon sized zip lock on the counter and 5 days later, I still have 2 left.

I've been trying to prepare Aimee for her little brother and she actually says "brother", but I'm sure that nothing will really be able to prepare her for what is coming. Brian and I are really excited about the new addition to our family and can't wait to meet the little guy.

We feel very blessed

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Because it's been too long since I've posted pictures...



Summertime with a 2 year old is freaking awesome. I am having so much fun with Aimee right now. Our days are spent going to the pool with friends, climbing the jungle gym at the park, visits to the library, playing in the backyard, going to the zoo, playdates, and on the days that it's really really hot...laying on the couch watching Sesame Street. Days with Aimee are fun and interesting. She routinely surprises me with her newly acquired vocabulary and level of understanding.

Some of the things that have just rocked my world are...

  • When I lay on the couch and close my eyes, she will come up to me and caress my face and kiss me, or tell Remmy and her baby to "shhhhh....mommy sleep, mommy nap".
  • She asks me to take her places or to do things, "Go zoo? Go Play? Read Book?"
  • She asks for people, "Daddy Home?, Tia Yoyi? Grace? Britain? (her best friend).
  • Finally connecting the dots that when I sing the Clean Up Song and pick up her toys, she can help. She sings the song and HELPS CLEAN UP!
  • Sincerely saying "Thank You, Mommy" without being prompted at completely appropriate times.
  • Saying "Bless You" when people sneeze.
  • Knowing that we don't eat or go to sleep until we bow our heads and say "Amen". She's actually reminded us of it a few times.
  • Saying "Wow! Cool!" and knowing what it means.
  • Kissing my belly when I tell her that there is a baby in there and it's her little brother who is going to live with us. (Yes, I said Brother, It's a BOY!).

This is definitely my favorite time, ever...

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Aimee turned two years old today. Since we aren't having an official birthday party, we will have a week full of little celebrations that began with a trip to the zoo yesterday. More to come....


Friday, June 01, 2007

Reflections on the Suburban Life

Garage sales in my area are a blood sport. All of the fancy schmancy subdivisons that require that the residents pay hundreds of dollars in home owners association fees every month to cover the professional landscapers, private playgrounds, and pools have annual garage sales, and they are INSANE. For the first time in my life, I got up early with the intention of going to ONE garage sale. Brian and I begun searching for outdoor climbing toys for Aimee. These toys would cost hundreds of dollars new and are just as good used, so we decided that we'd try Craigslist and garage sales before sucking it up and hitting Toys R Us. On my way to the ONE garage sale I was going to check out, I saw it....the giant sign outside of Oakhurst North Subdivision...the one with the golf course: "ANNUAL COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE: FRI and SAT 9-3 pm"

I checked the clock. It was only 9:10 am. "SWEET!" I thought to myself, "No one will be there yet and I'll have first pick." As I turned into the subdivision, I became a part of the parade of minivans and SUV's lined up along the street. Giddy moms jumping out of their vans and shoving precious treasures into the back, Grandparents walking down the street with toys to put in their basements for when the kids come to visit, and kids screaming "I WANT THIS MOMMY!".

I played it smartly and only stopped where I saw the large outside toys I was looking for. A friend of mine really wants a wagon for her two boys and I found one. I asked the owner of the if the wagon was for sale. He told me it was, and as I walked back to see if it worked, a women cut me off and picked up the handle, so I calmly (but quickly) walked back to the owner and shoved $5 in his hand. "I"ll take it!" I walked back to the women and sheepishly said, "I'm sorry but I just bought that." My friend was really happy to get it.

The only other treasure I was able to find was a toddler picnic table with benches. This is one of the things that we REALLY wanted for her. They cost from $60-100 new and I got it for $7.

Yay for me!